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The capital Ankara, Turkey's second largest city and heart of the War of Independence, was modern-planned and developed in a short time. Ankara was founded by Celts for the first time in known history. During the B.C. 3 century, the Celts came from Europe and extended over in Central Anatolia using the Balkans and the Straits where they founded Galatia and make Ankara their capitol city. Later Ankara lived Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods and became todays Ankara as the capitol city of Turkey.

The visual structure of Ankara is Ataturk's Mausoleum which is built for Ataturk. Ataturk's Naas in the Ethnographic Museum was taken from its temporary place on November 10th, 1953 and moved to the Anıtkabir (Ataturk's Mausoleum) with a ceremony. The Citadel of Ankara, rising on a hill dominating the city, thought to have been made B.C. 3rd century by Celts. The Temple of Augustus is located in Ulus and was made during 2nd century. Practices and actions of the Roman Emperor Augustus are written on the walls of the Temple. Roman Baths, Theater and Julianus Column are other Roman remains in the city.

Aslanhane Mosque which is made during 13th century and is famous for its turquoise tiles in the mihrab, Hacı Bayram Mosque which has tiles decorated with the Kütahya ceramics and is made during 15 century, Ankara's biggest mosque, Kocatepe Mosque, which is built between the years 1967-1987 brings the capital a mystical air. The city is also famous with its monuments. The most visual ones are Republic Monument in Ulus, Victory Monument in Yenişehir and the Hittite Sun in Sihhiye Square. Turkey's administrative and political capital of Ankara is also a capital of culture and art at the same time. Cikrikcilar Yokusu and Bakırcılar Bazaar are the old and charming shopping centers in which visitors can find a variety of copper and brass souvenirs. Visitors can also enjoy Ankara with a panoramic view from Atakule (125 m) which has restaurants, cafes and terraces in it.
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